Speech Therapy

images Speech-language therapy involves corrective treatment of physical and/or cognitive disorders that cause difficulty with communication and/or swallowing. Good Shepherd Primary Health Care’s Speech-Language Pathologists can help patients develop their language and speech skills to regain control and increase their communication. They also teach patients and family members safe and appropriate swallowing techniques.

Speech Therapy can include:

  • Swallowing Exercises
  • Communication Skills Evaluation
  • Cognitive Skills Evaluation
  • Sensory Skills Assessments
  • Comprehension Skills Assessments
  • Speech Articulation Exercises

Good Shepherd Primary Health Care’s therapists provide one-on-one therapeutic training and support to individuals with Speech Therapy needs resulting from injury, illness, or surgery in the comfort of their home. Regardless of the activity or need, our highly skilled staff ensures that every person has an enjoyable and empowering experience. Ask your Primary Physician about obtaining Speech Therapy services form Good Shepherd Primary Health Care.

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